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Working Papers

COVID-19, Crises and Women's Control of Resources: Evidence from Mexico
[WP Version]
Outsourcing and Wages: Evidence from a Policy Reform in Mexico (with León Fernández Bujanda and Laura Kurczyn Juquois)
[FP] Draft Coming Soon
Transfers, Intra-Household Inequality and Food Insecurity: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment (with Monika Fellmer)
[WP Version]
Intra-Household Allocations and Consumption Inequality under Cash Transfers and Violence
[WP Version]
Conditional Cash Transfers, Household Time Allocation and Bargaining Power: The Human Development Bonus in Ecuador
[WP Version]
Experience, Tenure and Non-cognitive Skills: Evidence from the UK
[WP Version]

Work in Progress

State Tax Competition in the United States (with Salomón García)
[WP Version]
Pollution and Education: The Effect of Power Plant Closures on Students' Test Scores (with Julieth Santamaria)
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